YAMAHA XS650 Club of Australia

Welcome to the YAMAHA XS650 Club of Australia Inc. (NSW)

Like us, you obviously  have an appreciation for what must be the most bullet proof, easy to maintain, and fun to ride motorcycle ever made.

The club brings together a group of like-minded people which makes owning and riding an XS that much more enjoyable, thus helping to preserve this classic machine.

There are several club rides per year and, depending on your location, perhaps a few will pass your way. Imagine a sunny day, the open road, and a group of 650s filling the air with that unmistakable sound we love so much.

Even if you can't join our club rides, all members receive a bi-monthly newsletter packed with info and tips on restoration, modification, parts sources, etc. We currently have members in every state of Australia and there may well be others living near you. As well, we also correspond regularly with 650 Clubs overseas and together, we'd number well over 1,000. We also enjoy a generous discount on parts at several dealerships.

Among our membership are pristine examples of every model, as well as choppers, flat-trackers, road-racers, customs, etc. Some of our members are painters, mechanics, electricians, and machinists. Several have huge stocks of parts for sale or swap. Between us, we've done everything one can do to an XS, be it concourse restoration or heavily modified.

Membership is open to those who own, or are at least looking to buy, any year or style of XS650. Click her for membership application PDF or here for membership renewal PDF

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