Daryl Hutcheon's Tracker

Daryl Hutcheon's Tracker (18/02/06)

Here's Daryl standing next to his awe inspiring tracker. The list of things Daryl intends to do to  this bike is almost endless. Here's a short list of the bikes specs :-

Upside down forks, single sided swing arm, mono shock, modified frame, 840cc kit, modified primary gears, dry clutch (Ducati), 270 rephased crank, different wheels, full floating discs, permanent magnet alternator (CBR250 Honda), High volume oil pump, elephants foot tappet adjusters and Titanium lock nuts, modified rockers, Titanium valve spring retainers, custom exhaust system with Akrapovic muffler under the seat, wild cam, bright LED stop/tail light, LCD data logging instrument display, and the list goes on. 

Here's a few pics of the progress to date.



Can't wait to see it finished and I'll bet Daz can't wait to ride it.

By the way, if you didn't already know, Daryl is the proprietor of Professional Motorcycle Tuning in Melbourne so he knows what he's doing. If you need any work done on your XS he's the man to see as many of our members will testify including myself.


Daryl just sent me some pics of his dry clutch setup using a Ducati clutch.

Better wear some bicycle clips riding this one Daz, I'd hate to get my trousers caught in that!

Daryl's latest pics show his exhaust mock-up with Akropovic muffler mounted under the seat, pipes I'm guessing are 44mm diam. tucked in between the frame rails for cornering clearance and converging into one pipe near the rear of the motor before sweeping up to the muffler. Very neat and tidy and looking great, can't wait to hear it in action!

UPDATE (16/11/07)

It's been quite a while since I caught up with Daz and his tracker so while I was in Melbourne today I called in to see how things were progressing. The bike has been stripped down again so Daz can finish the frame, you know the sort of thing, a bit of extra strength here and a bracket there, all good stuff as it make the day it's finished even closer.

Some nice newly welded frame gussets

And a few more just for good measure.

As so it goes until the day it's ready for painting, hopefully very soon.

Daryl has also been busy with the motor and the crankcases are now buttoned up with the crank and gearbox inside. All the other parts are ready to bolt on and only minor modifications to the gear selector shaft and dry clutch are holding up the works.

So with a bit of luck, and a few weekends to work on the bike uninterrupted, Daryl tells me he will have it finished.

It will be at the next AGM in all it's glory.

Update (13/2/08)

I called in to see Daz yesterday and to drop off a clutch I had converted for him and I bought my camera along as usual to see if any progress had been made on the tracker. Still some work to do but progress is being made.

New muffler mount added to the corner gusset under the seat.

Rear brake master cylinder attached to the frame

Battery fitted under the single sided swing arm.

36mm Mikuni round slide carburettors and K&N filters will be used.

Only a few minor brackets and gussets to complete the frame before painting it black.

This is the first pic Daz has sent from his new camera, hopefully it won't be the last. This is probably the view most will see when it finally hits the road !!!